Trump melted and threw a reporter’s telephones when requested in regards to the Manhattan case

On his plane after his Waco, TX rally, former President Donald Trump melted and threw reporter’s phones when asked about the Manhattan case against him that resulted in 34 felonies.

Vanity Fair received a record of Trump’s treatment of NBC News reporter Vaughn Hillyard and reported:

Hillyard’s questions at the time revolved around Trump’s posts on Truth Social; The former president had warned there could be “possible death and destruction” if impeached. When Hillyard tried again to clarify Trump’s “version of events” surrounding the prosecutors’ investigation, the ex-president said, “I don’t want to speak to you.” Hillyard tried to ask a different question. “You hear me? You’re not a nice guy,” Trump said, turning to take a question from another reporter. When Hillyard tried to get an answer a third time, Trump lost his composure. “Okay, let’s go , get him out of here,” Trump said. “Get out of here. Get out of here,” Trump said, while Hillyard tried again, “The special counsel, sir.” A deeper voice, apparently belonging to a Trump campaign aide, is heard saying, “Vaughn, we’re done.”

Trump then grabbed one of the phones recording the chatter and asked, “Whose is that?” Hillyard replied that it was his. Trump picked up another phone and asked the same question. “That’s mine, too,” Hillyard said. The former president tossed both phones out of sight onto the seat next to him; In the recording, one of the phones can be heard hitting a surface.

Hillyard was far more diplomatic when discussing his interaction with Trump at the time on MSNBC.

The NBC reporter said Trump was pissed and would not answer questions. He didn’t say Trump tried to throw him out of the crowd, lost him and threw Hillyard’s phones.

This is the same guy CNN is giving a nationally televised town hall next week. Trump would not answer questions from mainstream journalists about the Manhattan case before he was indicted.

CNN probably thinks they’re playing it safe but only lets Trump answer questions from an audience of Republican primary voters, but the former president seems unstable.

Trump has attempted to overthrow the government, and if anything, his emotional state has deteriorated since losing the 2020 election.

The Trump team is trying to cover up his behavior, but it will come out, and every time it does it will remind voters that Trump is totally unelectable and shouldn’t be anywhere near the Oval Office.

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