Trump marketing campaign gave 1/6 rally organizers $ 4.three million

The Trump campaign has hidden expenses through mailbox companies, but they are known to have paid the 1/6 rally organizers $ 4.3 million.

About open secrets:

Former President Donald Trump’s political operation has reported that it has paid more than $ 4.3 million to the individuals and companies that organized the January 6 rally since the 2020 elections began. Questions remain, however, about the full extent of the Trump campaign’s involvement in the Save America rally on the day of the attack on the Capitol, as the sweeping inquiries from a House Special Committee attempt to shed some light on the events of that day.


But with Trump’s campaign and joint fundraising committee running millions of dollars through layers of opaque firms and mailbox companies where the ultimate payee is hidden, the public may never see the full extent of the Trump campaign’s payments to those involved in the protests Organizers experienced.

The Trump campaign tried to hide its spending

Trump and Jared Kushner used some of the same techniques they used to try to hide money from the IRS in order to bypass campaign funding disclosure rules and his role in the US Capitol attack.

The Trump campaign paid for the rally that brought those who attacked the Capitol to Washington, DC. Trump also incited the crowd to attack the Capitol.

If Trump’s spending were within the realms of possibility, there would be no need to cover up their tracks.

House Republicans are trying to hide their phone calls, and Trump’s campaign is trying to hide their spending.

If the 1/6 committee can answer why it will take a long time to come up with names in the 1/6 attack.

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