Trump lowered himself to holding the rally in Arizona in the midst of a area

Trump’s demise of the venue took a new turn on Sunday when he held his Arizona rally in the middle of a dirt field.


Former President Donald Trump @POTUS45 holds a rally here in Mesa. Foreign Secretary candidate @RealMarkFinchem is on stage right now @FOX10Phoenix

— Marissa Sarbak (@MarissaSarbak) October 9, 2022

Since leaving office and his for-profit arena tour bombed, Donald Trump has been holding rallies at smaller venues. Just like the popular one-hit wonders of yesteryear, Trump has held his rallies in fairgrounds and fields.

The former president’s rally in Arizona took place in a field of dirt as the Trumpers baked in the sun while sitting on folding metal chairs. It was the pinnacle of luxury for Trump and his supporters.

Donald Trump is a long way from playing in Alabama soccer stadiums in 2016. The remaining fans are true believers. It’s difficult to estimate the crowd from the video above because Trump rallies have historically looked empty until Trump takes the stage.

Trump fans don’t like sitting down and listening to the warm-up acts, and the video was shot before Trump began speaking.

The failed former president isn’t attracting as many people as it used to. Donald Trump has gone from arenas to fairgrounds to dirt fields, and he’s not far from holding his rallies on street corners and big booths at Denny’s.

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