Trump is embarrassed when greater than 100 Republicans within the Home vote to overturn his NDAA veto

Trump’s veto on the NDAA was overridden in the House when more than 300 House members and over 100 Republicans voted to override his veto.

Here is a snapshot of the vote count:

Trump’s veto never had a snowball chance of being upheld. It’s an embarrassing defeat for a president who has only lost since November 3rd. Trump lost to Joe Biden at the ballot box. He lost nearly 60 legal challenges in the judicial system elections. Now he’s shown that his power is so limited that only 66 Republicans in the House voted with him to maintain his veto.

Veto overrides are always embarrassing for presidents, but the NDAA overrides are especially bad because the veto was made for petty and selfish reasons. Trump vetoed the entire NDAA and put the troops at risk because he wanted Confederate names to stay on military bases and he’s furious on Twitter for checking it out.

The loss in the house was bad for Trump, but nothing compared to the vote that could be awaiting him in the Senate.

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