Trump Group expects to be charged Manhattan DA case

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A spokesman for DA Cyrus Vance Jr. has repeatedly declined to comment on the probe or any timing of possible charges.

Ronald Fischetti, a lawyer for the Trump Organization, and spokesmen for the company did not immediately respond to requests from CNBC seeking comment.

If the Trump Organization is convicted of a crime, the company could face fines or restrictions on its conduct going forward.

Fischetti told CNBC last week, “In my more than 50 years of practice, never before have I seen the District Attorney’s Office target a company over employee compensation or fringe benefits.”

“The IRS would not, and has not, brought a case like this,” the lawyer said. “Even the financial institutions responsible for causing the 2008 financial crises, the worst financial crisis since the great depression, were not prosecuted.”

But Fischetti last week also confirmed the likelihood of criminal charges against the company.

“It looks like they are going to come down with charges against the company and that is completely outrageous,” Fischetti told NBC News at the time.

“They could not get Allen Weisselberg to cooperate and tell them what they wanted to hear and that’s why they are going forward with these charges and they could not get him to cooperate because he would not say that Donald Trump had knowledge or any information that he may have been not deducting properly the use of cars or an apartment.”

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