Trump comes out of hiding to threaten America with violence

Trump falsely claimed that Pelosi and Schumer are putting the country at risk by re-indicting him while indicating that more violence is coming.


Trump threatens the country by claiming Pelosi and Schumer are endangering the nation by prosecuting him again.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) January 12, 2021

Trump told reporters outside the White House, “In this regard, we want no violence, never violence, absolutely no violence, and the impeachment is truly a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in political history. It’s ridiculous, it’s utterly ridiculous, this impeachment is causing a lot of trouble and you are doing it, and it really is a terrible thing that you are doing. If Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer continue on this path, I believe it will mean enormous danger to our country and enormous anger. I don’t want violence, thank you very much. “

Trump didn’t tell his followers to stay away from DC. He made no promises that anyone who practices violence would be arrested and prosecuted. He made no promises to increase security around the Capitol or to do everything in his power to keep people safe.

Donald Trump is hoping for more violence again.

Trump does not utter the words violence, but the statements he adds to these allegations suggest that he is promoting a dangerous situation that he plans to use to blame Democrats for indicting him again. Trump must be charged and banned from ever serving in a federal office for continuing to fuel the flames of violence and division.

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