Tory Lanez was concerned in a automobile accident in an Uber – says he thinks he might have been attacked

Tory Lanez

Roommate, it seems Tory Lanez is always the hot topic of conversation no matter what he does – and that includes the reaction from fans when he was recently involved in a car accident while in an Uber. Using social media to share the impact and damage of the crash, Tory Lanez also hinted that it may not have been an accident at all and that it was targeted instead.

In an Instagram video posted to his account, Tory can be heard saying, “We were in a car accident in fucking Uber when we almost just died. Oh my god, brother. ”He was not finished talking about the car accident, however, and made a surprising and bold claim about what he thought really happened.

Following the IG video, Tory later took to Twitter to explain his theory about the accident:

“It almost felt like someone knew how to crash into us. Strange.”

On other Tory Lanez news, he was indirectly in the middle of the recent online feud between DaBaby, Megan Thee Stallion and Megan’s boyfriend Pardison Fontaine over DaBaby’s latest song with Tory, “SKAT”.

As you know, Megan is upset with DaBaby for working with Tory, while she also works with her a lot because she claims Tory shot her in the foot last summer. The case is currently open, with Tory’s next trial scheduled for next month.

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