Tommie Lee claps again after previous footage of her “going to sleep with Ray J another time” was launched in an ongoing drama starring Princess Love

Tommie Lee

Roommate, it looks like the lingering beef between “Love & Hip Hop” stars Tommie Lee and Princess Love is not wearing off yet. After Tommie Princess called because she hinted that she had previously been closely related to Ray J, the internet unearthed old recordings of her that she practically admitted, but she hasn’t.

What began as a seemingly innocent comment while playing has turned into an all-out war between Tommie Lee and Princess Love … and the final round only took things a step further. If we know anything about the internet, you will always have the opportunity to find the evidence. This is exactly what happened to Tommie Lee after Princess Love claimed she partnered with Ray J in the past.

Tommie Lee was already clapping back for her comments on Princess – but now she’s turned her attention to online users who decided to find the clip where she actually refers to sleeping with Ray J and says she would do it “all over”.

After the footage went up on social media, Tommie went to her Instagram Stories to clear the air and wrote, “Nice try still never fucked him as I said, a prime example of editing / scripting. Keep going on how old is 5 years to be exact! I’ve never seen this man in person! Lol ”

She wasn’t finished yet and added more:

“It was literally a king’s game that they played, smashed, killed or destroyed. I actually didn’t like anyone on the lineup and had to do this part 15+ times before I gave in. I was also threatened that if I fail to attend, I would be suspended or lose my check. “

Neither Princess Love nor Ray J responded to Tommie Lee’s latest comments.

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