Tina Lawson exhibits Beyoncé’s singing expertise with a studio clip (video)

Roommate, if you know anything about Tina Lawson, chances are she doesn’t play when it comes to her talented daughters Beyoncé and Solange! Following Trick Daddy’s campaign last week to discredit Beyoncé’s SANGing skills, Tina posted a flashback clip of the superstar stunt in the studio! In the 30-second video, Beyoncé can be heard mimicking a guitar solo with only her voice during a session with producer DJ Swivel.

“I’ve always been impressed when she does that,” wrote Tina in her caption. “She also does the same with other instruments !!!!”

DJ Swivel, whose real name is Jordan Young, is a Toronto-born “producer, mixer and songwriter” according to his official website. In 2012 he won a Grammy Award for his work with Beyoncé on their album ‘4’ and followed suit with work on their ‘Beyoncé’ album.

On Tuesday Tina posted the clip of Beyoncé’s studio session for the song “I Care”. It’s not clear where the clip came from, but as soon as it was posted on Tina’s Instagram account, it started circulating online. Unfortunately for avid fans, the video is just a screen capture of the song mixing technology and not a glimpse of the Houston talent.

The clip is titled “Beyoncé’s Engineer (DJ Swivel shares vocals from her ‘I Care’ studio session” at the top of the video. Another caption at the bottom of the video reads “Her voice is INSANE.” DJ Swivel is supposed to be heard Speaking of which.

“A guitar solo that she imitates with her voice, something I’ve never heard before, but um, let’s see if we can do it,” said DJ Swivel.

After the brief sound of a guitar solo, Beyoncé effortlessly takes over with her singing. She starts out vigorously and then turns her voice up a few steps to defeat the sound – which obviously shows her range. After a few seconds, applause from unknown sources can be heard in the voiceover. The clip ends with DJ Swivel paying the star a well-deserved compliment.

“She’s killing it,” he said. “Yup.”

Check out Tina’s video below:

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