TI denies all allegations of sexual assault towards him and his spouse

After a week of paying attention to TI and his wife Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris, he broke his silence on a 6-minute video he shared on Instagram and continued to deny all of Sabrina Peterson’s allegations. This happens just hours after his team publicly posted a statement.

In the video, TI left nothing unsaid. “Hey, as you can probably guess or imagine, it has been extremely difficult for me to keep quiet in the face of all of the things that have happened and all of the monstrous allegations that have been thrown around my wife and me, ”he said said. “But there is a reason for it, and I don’t mind sharing it. You see, when a person has no right to criminally or civilly bring you to justice, the best they can do is slander you. “

He defended his wife Tiny, talking about her character and saying that she didn’t deserve the slander online. TI stated, “My wife is a beautiful person with an amazing mind and kind heart. She is a devoted mother and has a humble soul. “It wasn’t. He addressed the sexual allegations in his bedroom.

“What we didn’t do now is open the door to my bedroom like you shouldn’t have to either. Open the door to my bedroom so everyone can come in and tune in and give their opinion on what we do, what we don’t and what not, ”he said. “But I’ll say that, whatever we’ve done, it’s done with consenting adults who care about what we’re into and what we like.”

I’ve doubled that he never forced or induced anyone to do anything against their will or to drug anyone. Still someone held against their will and repeated that they had never raped anyone or participated in the sex trade.

When he finished the video, he mentioned that black women deserve to be protected.

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