This rapper’s efficiency will make Voice followers cry

Get ready for a howling good time!

The Voice Live Shows have added another famous pop singer to their line-up. Australian rapper Masked wolf (AKA Harry Michael) is slated to feature his viral breakout single “Astronauts In The Ocean” in the new episode E! on Tuesday, May 18. Messages can reveal exclusively.

“I’m more than excited to be on The Voice in the US to play Astronaut In The Ocean,” Masked Wolf told E !. “One of the songs I’ve always loved was ‘Blame Game’ John Legend and was on my favorite album Kanye Westis my beautiful dark twisted fantasy. In a way, it almost feels like I’m a little closer to crossing paths with John myself. It’s crazy to see how far you can really go if you don’t give up. This is an honor and moments like this make me appreciate all of the struggles I went through to get here. “

Masked Wolf made his first TV debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on April 25th. “I will remember this forever,” the rapper tweeted with a prayer emoji. His fiery performance gives fans a taste of what to expect at The Voice.

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