This physique scrub prices 50 cents and has greater than 18,300 5-star evaluations

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You can apply the best body lotion in the world, but there’s no point if it’s just sitting on layers of dead skin. It might seem counterintuitive, but exfoliation is the key to softer skin. As a self-proclaimed artificial tanning expert, I know the importance of exfoliation all too well. I’ve tried so many expensive products, scented scrubs, and to be honest, they all seemed the same to me for a while. However, I’ve finally found an affordable exfoliant that really works in an incredible, yet extremely satisfying way.

Ditch the scrub and opt for this exfoliating mitt from Goldsangsa instead. I was disgusted when I saw the amount of dead skin that came off with the first use, but when I got out of the shower my skin was incredibly soft. The lotions and oils I’ve always used seemed to work even better after using this glove. If you ask me for recommending a $4 product, I won’t blame you, but I’m not the only one interested. It has over 18,300 5-star Amazon reviews.

This is not a disposable product. You can wash and dry it so you can use it again and again. Also, a pack of eight costs $4, which means you’re spending 50 cents per glove. You need to check this.

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