The Weeknd would not guess on shock friends attending the Tremendous Bowl Present

Alexa, play Love Me Harder by The weeknd and Ariana Grande.

Come on Super Bowl Sunday, this is a song fans can expect not to hear when the R&B superstar takes the stage at halftime. During a pre-game interview with the NFL Network shared on Thursday, February 4th, The Weeknd announced that it had decided against inviting special guests to join him for the performance.

The reason? Let’s just say this “starboy” is a lonely ranger.

“I’ve read a lot of rumors,” noted The Weeknd, before adding, “I wouldn’t bet on it. There was no room to fit it into the narrative and story I told in the performance. So yeah, it are no special guests. ”

Fans have theorized that former employees like Ariana, drake, Daft punk and Kendrick Lamar could join The Weeknd on stage, much like Bad Bunny and j Balvin did during Jennifer Lopez and ShakiraLast year’s groundbreaking Super Bowl set.

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