The Views hosts slam Matt Gaetz for weighing within the Britney Spears controversy

Meghan McCain left The View just a few weeks ago. But while the show doesn’t have a Conservative talking head right now, that doesn’t mean they don’t talk about political issues.

During Thursday’s show, the presenters delved into the story of Britney Spears’ Conservatory, a topic Matt Gaetz recently discussed. The hosts killed the Florida congressman today, saying he has no right to speak on the matter.

Joy Behar began: “This is someone who has pedaled the Big Lie for assistance. He surely knows what a Grifter looks like. I mean he is Sex trafficking investigation and he’s putting his two cents in Britney Spears’ gripper father? I mean, you can’t make up the stuff after a while, it sounds so ridiculous. “

Whoopi Goldberg then said: “I’m going to say, you know, people and magazine articles and a lot of people made it uncomfortable for him, in my opinion, to be honest even talking about Britney Spears. He has to come back and start maybe voting on some things and let the young people out there call for freedom from Britney. He can demand her freedom, but he has to like it, maybe do it somewhere else. Because it doesn’t look good for him personally. “

Check out a clip of the segment below, courtesy of The View:

BRITNEY WINS THE RIGHT TO APPOINT OWN LAWYER: Britney Spears won a major legal victory on Wednesday when the court ruled that she could hire her own attorney and she is demanding that her father be investigated for conservatory abuse – the co-hosts respond.

– The View (@TheView) July 15, 2021

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