The Trump conspiracy to steal the election that was simply fired at Home Republicans

Rep. Chip Roy, a Republican who does not support the election coup, has questioned the seating arrangements for House delegations in all Trump-denied states.

Kyle Cheney tweeted:

! Rep @chiproytx has challenged the seating arrangements for all House members from Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia and other states challenged by Trump.

– Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney) January 3, 2021

What Roy is doing here is to show that Republicans may unanimously support the seating arrangements of all members of the House of Representatives who appeared on the same ballot papers as Joe Biden in states where other Republicans want to challenge Wednesday.

– Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney) January 3, 2021

Rep. Roy sends a message to his own party that they can’t have it both ways. House Republicans cannot claim the same results they voted for while contesting the presidential election results with the same vote.

The flaw in the Trump election fraud lawsuit has always been the common sense problem that if the President’s results are invalid in those states, then all of the results in the five swing states are also not valid and these members should not sit.

Just as it is impossible to be a little bit pregnant, so is it impossible for a choice to be a little bit illegitimate.

The Congress delegations will sit, but the consequences of this attack on democracy will haunt the putschists for a long time to come.

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