The strategist Angela Rye takes Chris Christie aside

For much of Donald Trump’s presidency, Chris Christie was by his side. For his efforts, the former New Jersey governor commissioned a dire COVID-19 case.

These days, Christie appears frequently on cable news broadcasts to provide Republican talking points. He’s also on a rehab tour after being so closely associated with Trump.

This Sunday, the former governor appeared on a panel on ABC’s This Week. And the democratic strategist Angela Rye has beaten him very much.

The group discussed whether Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan was “socialist”. Rye said: “Yes, there are some social things that have to happen in the infrastructure. Because it just so happens that discrimination and inevitable conditions also exist in our infrastructure. That was not something that came out of that administration. “

Christie stepped in: “T.The problem of capital gains is nothing more than a redistribution of income. It’s socialism. Let us remember that these capital gains have already paid taxes. You paid tax on it before you invested it, and now you will be paying tax on it again. “

Rye shot back:

“It’s so interesting to hear this claim of socialism. I know these are buzz words that work very well with the Republican Party. Congratulations on using them this morning. But we have people in a pandemic who you said wouldn’t matter until the fall, and there’s a conversation going on on the left about student loan debt. How Much Should Be Forgiven? $ 50,000 versus $ 10,000. And we’re talking capital gains when all of you basically had just the reparations we asked for [in] Your final tax proposal. So I don’t even understand what we’re talking about here. “

Check out a clip of the section below courtesy of ABC:

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