The Stars of Kevin Can F**okay Himself Are Rethinking Sitcom Wives

The show was then canceled after the second season, and many people simply forgot about Kevin and his attempts to wait. But now, we’ve got a good reason to remember, thanks to the AMC dramedy Kevin Can F**k Himself. 

The genre-bending show follows Allison (Annie Murphy), a beleaguered sitcom wife with a horrible husband named Kevin. Allison decides she has to kill Kevin in order to make her life better, and it was directly inspired by what happened with Kevin Can Wait. 

Murphy had not watched the other Kevin show when she was cast, but she quickly caught up, as she tells E! News.

“When I got this part, I did go back and visit that infamous Kevin Can Wait episode, the first episode of the second season, when they so unceremoniously kill off Erinn Hayes’ character by being like, ‘Oh man, I miss mom since she died a while ago,'” she says. “And then they’re all like, ‘Yeah, I miss her, want to go play some baseball?’ I was just like, ‘Oh.’ It really hit hard.” 

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