The right way to Price range to Grow to be a Profitable Entrepreneur

Taking risks can feel a lot easier when you have a safety net in place.

For Tori Dunlap, founder of the women-focused financial education company Her First 100K, that security was $ 100,000.

Dunlap, 26, got an entry-level job in marketing after graduating from college and soon learned that corporate grind wasn’t for her.

She started a blog with a goal of saving $ 100,000 by the age of 25. Her following grew with her savings, and the businesswoman achieved her goal shortly after her 25th birthday.

Then Dunlap decided to quit her job and focus entirely on her first 100 km. She now has nearly 1 million followers on Tik Tok and has helped thousands of women improve their finances.

In March, Her First 100,000 made over $ 100,000 in profit, Dunlap said.

In this video you will learn which four steps the entrepreneur suggests to build your own safety net.

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