The person-woman workforce provides ideas for working an organization collectively

As the couple behind the Style Theory clothing rental app, Raena Lim and Chris Halim are not only united in marriage, but also in business.

That “definitely has some really good advantages,” Halim told CNBC Make It.

And it also has its downsides: “Work longer,” laughs Lim.

But after spending five years perfecting their approach, the 32-year-old couple has advice to share with other co-founders of the couple – both in and out of the business.

Play to your strengths

First of all, they say, it is important to identify certain areas of focus that showcase an individual’s strengths.

“Chris is really analytical so he makes a lot of business and financial decisions,” said Lim of her husband, who is the Singapore fashion company’s chief executive officer.

Focus areas that belong to her will call her and focus areas that belong to me I’ll make the call.

Chris Halim |

Co-Founder and CEO, Style Theory

“Rae is much more focused on the branding side, the human resource side of things, the operational side of things,” Halim said of his wife as chief operations officer.

Each party should then own these areas and take responsibility for important decisions.

“She will call focal points that belong to her and I will call focal points that belong to me. That worked out quite well for us,” said Halim.

Separate work and leisure

That demarcation should also extend to the separation of work and pleasure, the couple said.

Although it was not always easy – especially in the early days of the company – it was vital to their effective and harmonious work.

Raena Lim and Chris Halim, the couple behind the Singaporean clothing rental app Style Theory.

Style theory

“The first few years were tough,” said Halim. They would work Monday through Sunday and would not take a vacation for a “long time”. “But we learned,” he said.

“We had five years to refine it,” added Lim. “Weekends are for personal life, and we really make the most of the days of the week to really make sure we get our jobs done.”

Build a strong team

Much of this structure was made possible with the help of their 150-strong team, the couple said.

“What really keeps you going is finding people who are passionate about the mission you’re on. In difficult times, they’re the ones who motivate you more than you do,” said Lim.

The 100% alignment is really very helpful and super important when you are making important decisions together.

Chris Halim |

Co-Founder and CEO, Style Theory

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