The GOP is a “dumpster hearth” incapable of ruling the nation

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow says it has become increasingly clear over the past few weeks that the Republican Party is broken and can’t even pretend to be a government partner.

As Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress work to resolve the many crises that are wreaking havoc across the country, Republicans argue among themselves over whether they still believe in democracy.

“On the Republican side, it’s scary and troubling whether they’re a party that advocates violence and whether they’re a party that still believes that democracy and elections are the way we decide as a country. Said the MSNBC host.

“How can that be your government partner?” Asked Maddow.


Rachel Maddow calls the Republican Party a “dumpster fire” incapable of ruling the country. #maddow

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) January 27, 2021

Maddow said:

By and large, we are right in this place where we are supposedly a two-party, two-party democracy. This has been the source of stability and continuity in our democracy for centuries. And now we are suddenly and clearly in this place where the two parties have completely different tasks. And on the republican side, whether or not they are a party that advocates violence and whether they are a party that still believes democracy and elections are the way we decide as a country is scary and worrying . On the democratic side, they are just trying to rule. You’re trying to figure out how to get something done without dealing with the dumpster fire on the other side. Because how can that be your government partner? … The Republican Party is in a very different crisis. The Democratic Party is trying to figure out how to deliver. And that makes the Democratic Party’s job completely different from what happens on the other side. It kind of makes it serious and civil right now. But also incredibly important whether we will have a Republican Party in the future or not. Because in the Republican Party they are not currently approaching the problems of the nation. Democrats have to prove they can, or they have to face the dumpster fire again, which is what the people of the United States have to choose between the two options available to them. Just an incredible situation we are in.

The Republican Party is irreparably broken

Joe Biden sincerely came into office hoping Donald Trump’s absence would get the Republican Party out of its four-year fever, but it doesn’t look like that’s about to happen.

Instead, the GOP has doubled Trumpism. Forty-five senators essentially advocated violent insurgents on Tuesday by voting to block impeachment proceedings against the Senate.

While the GOP’s attempt to block the process failed, it showed how broken and unredeemable the Republican Party is.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that if Democrats want to achieve anything in the next two years, they have to play hardball and do it themselves.

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