The forged of Vanderpump Canines simply appears nice: see the brand new photos

This package from professionals is great.

On Wednesday June 2nd, Peacock introduced the fabulous cast with the opposite Lisa Vanderpump in the upcoming documentary Vanderpump Dogs. The new Vanderpump project, which celebrates its premiere on Wednesday, June 9th, on the streaming service NBCUniversal, follows the events in the rescue center of the overserved host.

“Vanderpump Dogs takes fans and animal lovers deeper into Lisa Vanderpump’s luxurious life by recording the stories and adoptions that take place at her beloved namesake foundation: Vanderpump Dogs, West Hollywood,” the description explained. “The rescue center was founded in 2016 with the aim of reinventing the image of a dog shelter, from animal shelters to palaces, and does everything Vanderpump-style: they rescue, rehabilitate, groom and pamper dogs that need a loving home forever. “

While Vanderpump Dogs is definitely Lisa’s passion project and vision, the foundation has an impressive team of dog groomers, vets and other specialists.

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