The dream doll speaks out after being noticed with Wealthy The Child Noticed

Dream doll

Earlier today, Dream Doll broke her silence after a drama starring Tori Brixx and Rich The Kid after seeing Rich petting iguanas while on vacation in Mexico. In a series of tweets, she wrote, “What we’re not going to do is sit here and try to sabotage my character. I never have or never will fuck with a man who is in a relationship! “She went on:” You got me down. I’m on my family vacation, which I do every year. You will be so gullible that you will believe everything. “Some of the roommates came in the comments on Dream’s defense. One commented: “She’s just having fun on her trip. What Rich and his girl were up to, the nun has nothing to do with her. Tokyo Vanity from the hit show Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta entered The Shade Room and commented, “Leave my girl alone. She is innocent. “

Last night, Rich’s former fiance and mother of one of his children, Tori, shared the photo of Dream and Rich on her Instagram story with Shaggy’s song “It Wasn’t Me” in the background. Tori didn’t stop there. She also shared a photo of two iguanas with the caption, “It’s the iguanas for me.” She also shared a DM between her and Rich showing that he lied to her wherever he went. The message shows Tori rich telling her he would be in Miami. Rich claimed it wasn’t him in the photos with Dream. The couple no longer followed each other in the gram. If that wasn’t enough, Rich claimed he broke up with Tori first. He said on his Instagram story: “Why hat and / or the media here? I have been abandoned. “

Commenting on the breakup, one roommate said, “Damn quarantine life has killed almost every relationship. What you love is now what you had too much of. “

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