“The Circle” winner DeLeesa St. Agathe steps into the shadows to inform us about how she made her stunning $ 100,000 win and is celebrating black households on YouTube and extra! [Exclusive]

#Roommate, if you’re a fan of Netflix’s hit reality contest series “The Circle,” you know by now that the latest season was an incredible twist, courtesy of winner DeLeesa St. Agathe, who put fans with an expert strategy for being shocked to play the game worth $ 100,000. We caught up with DeLeesa to find out how she managed to win the series and what’s next for her and her growing family!

We dived right into her to kill the competition and eventually win “The Circle” and asked DeLeesa if she had expected to win from the start and what it was like to compete at such a high level. “To be honest, as competitive as I am, I was hoping that I would at least reach the final. That was really my number one goal because it’s so hard to even get selected for a show like this, even get into the finals, let alone win, the chances are slim. For me it was more emotional AF. It was fun but it was also stressful, you keep trying to develop your strategy, you are isolated, I missed my family but still it was all so exciting lol let’s just say my ugly wine face does more than one gig “Explained to us.

She also gave us a glimpse into her strategy for winning the game, including the twist that no one saw coming. DeLeesa said: “I didn’t want to be seen as a weak player or too much a strong player. My strategy was to get people to like me so they felt they could trust me, but at the same time they wouldn’t see me as a threat to their game either. Then ban, out of nowhere the underdog comes on top. Give people what they want! ”As for her future on reality TV, she announced that she would definitely try again if the opportunity presented itself.

Winning “The Circle” isn’t the only thing DeLeesa St. Agathe has on her plate these days, including her family YouTube channel with husband Trevor and their children. A few years ago she explained the motivation for entering the YouTube area.

“Me and my husband“ real Trevor ”started our YouTube channel in 2018 shortly before we got married. We’ve been together since 2017 and it’s been a hell of a trip. We are the definition of a millennial couple who have now become family for it to work. Our YouTube channel embodies all of this. We keep it real and raw, fun and loving. We don’t gloss over anything. We argue in front of the camera and still love each other. We don’t get enough of the millennial black love that pushes and struggles through challenges. That’s why we created our YouTube channel. “

After all, DeLeesa is all about being a business woman and has several projects in the works including an upcoming children’s book and continued work on her BeUniqueShoppe.com and co-owner of GoodieBoxStore.com. While we wait for the third season of ‘The Circle’, we will continue to watch DeLeesa score the perfect win that all of America cheers.

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