The bombshell evaluation exhibits that the highest 1% obtained NOTHING within the Biden stimulus

The bottom 20% of Americans will see their income increase by 20% while the top 1% get none of the Biden incentives.

According to an analysis by the Tax Policy Center:

Here is the analysis:

🚨🚨The worst 20% of Americans are seeing a ~ 20% increase in Biden Benefit Plan income, particularly due to stimulus payments and CTC, according to a new analysis by the Tax Policy Center

According to analysis, it is the richest 1% to get an income increase of 0%

– Jeff Stein (@JStein_WaPo) March 8, 2021

Republicans claim they are the party of the working people, but in reality they have all voted against the Biden stimulus plan because it does not increase the incomes of the top one percent.

Republicans in Congress don’t care about poor people and workers. They spent their time with the majority in the House and Senate passing tax cuts for the rich and then trying to pay them off by cutting programs for the poor and the working poor.

The Biden stimulus doesn’t just speak the conversation. It goes the way. For the first time in decades, Republicans did not have the power to demand that rich people get something out of a stimulus plan. The US bailout will provide money to those who need it most, which will help businesses across the country.

By winning the election and controlling Congress, the Democrats were able to increase the incomes of the poorest Americans by 20% with a single bill.

Joe Biden struck a tremendous first blow on income inequality.

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