The 11th Circuit Court docket is poised to criticize Decide Cannon’s safety of Trump

Most people know it, but for those who don’t know, federal appeals, whether before a three-judge panel or the Supreme Court, involve nothing more than lengthy briefs and then a hearing where the attorneys try the Taking things to their strengths with the judges always free to ask questions to challenge the attorneys. It is safe to say that judges ask more questions at most “hearings” than they do at an oral presentation. But these questions can easily obscure where the judges think the case is headed, and that’s exactly what happened to an 11th Circuit panel hearing the appeal of Judge Canon’s special master order protecting Trump.

Former federal prosecutor Cynthia Alksne, appearing on MSNBC Saturday, claimed she expects the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to crack down on US District Court Judge Aileen Cannon: “I think it sounds like it after reading the transcript of the hearing in the 11th district that they get rid of of the special master and she will strike this covenant Judge putting a crease in the process that was total unnecessary. And that speeds it up process and allow government to really dive in these documents.”

“And that’s going to speed up the process and allow the government to really delve into these documents, because remember, it’s not just — if you look at this case a prosecutor — he’s not just having the documents where they’re being kept intentionally.” and he did not return it when asked. You also have to have some sort of global view of it, like, why did he do that?”

If your goal is to prove a nefarious cause, do it. But a crime is complete if he just has them illegally.

In order to bring charges, you want to know that. Is it an ego thing how someone leaked from the Justice Department, or did those documents somehow get into the stream of their financial deliberations? Is that why he ended up in these deals in the Middle East? Did Jared Kushner see the documents?? Who touched it, who saw it, who knows it, who used it?”

“The sooner we get rid of or complete the special master’s process, the sooner we can get to that point and proceed with law enforcement.”

Well, these questions have been investigated all along, but yes, the process will speed up once the DOJ has all the documents.

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