The 1/6 probe can go forward even when Democrats lose the Home

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said evidence will be kept for others to pick up the 1/6 investigation if Democrats lose the House.

Video by Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) on Meet The Press:

Transcript via: Meet The Press:


However, if Democrats hold the Senate, will you know by December? If the Democrats hold the Senate, or if the Democrats lose the House, will you send your investigative materials to the Judiciary Committee and Dick Durbin?


Well, we will ensure that our investigative materials are published and available for future reference. And we will keep them. We will not allow them to be destroyed.


But as I understand it, the investigation, I’m told you have so much evidence that you won’t be able to complete this by the end of the calendar year. you need more time The President could, by executive order, set up a committee to do this job. And Liz Cheney won’t be in Congress, maybe she’s one of the co-chairs. Are you doing this to keep this investigation going?


Looks. It would have been far better had Donald Trump not got House Republicans to veto the creation of a 9/11-style independent commission. But we will ensure that all evidence is preserved. But the main thing is next Wednesday at 13:00. And in our report, we want America to understand that there was a deliberate and deliberate crackdown on American democracy to override the will of the people. And the forces that supported that are still out there and would love to do it again. And many of them are running for high office, like Mastriano in Pennsylvania. These are people who are abstainers who are fundamentally committed to winning their party, regardless of who actually won the election.

Losing the home may not be the end of the 1/6 investigation. Biden could form a committee to keep the work going, and if Democrats keep the Senate, they could use the evidence to continue or expand the House investigation.

House Republicans say they will probe the probe if they win a majority, but that effort is likely to find very little press and public acclaim as recent years have shown a general skepticism about the blatantly partisan probe that Republicans used to perform in the House like Benghazi.

The bad news for Trump and his co-conspirators is that even if Republicans gain control of the House, the investigation will not stop, and the basis laid by the 1/6 Committee could be the basis for future investigations.

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