That is how your favourite movies come to life

Let a fantasy become reality.

It has never been easier to interact with all of your favorite movies and characters in real life! Some of the most iconic films of the past live on in Universal Theme Parks, allowing fans to relive the magic they felt when they were first introduced in films like Jurassic Park and ET the Extra-Terrestrial.

The best part about visiting Universal Studios Hollywood or Universal Orlando Resort is that you don’t just take a cursory look at the various movies in the parks. No – instead, roller coasters, interactive 3D experiences and other rides will make you part of the story of a movie!

Take, for example, Men in Black: Alien Attack. As part of this ride, you’ll compete against a group of your fellow passengers as you are transported into the middle of New York City, which is under siege by aliens.

And don’t forget all the Harry Potter magic in both US theme parks.

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