Texas GOP Chair lies to Texans and tells them they’ll step down

Allen West, leader of the Texas Republican Party, conducts several interviews in which he vaguely tells Texas that they may withdraw.

CNN reported:

“This is something that was written in the Texas constitution,” the former congressman said on a radio broadcast in late December. “Or Texas was promised when we became part of the United States of America – if we voted and made up our minds, we could be our own republic again.”

However, experts say Texas cannot legally secede and leave the United States to become its own republic. The annexation resolution West refers to provisions according to which Texas could in future be divided into five new states and not be separated from the USA.

Texas Republicans have recently called for a long secession if they don’t like something. After the Supreme Court dropped their bogus 2020 election lawsuit, Texas Republicans called for the secession. Texas Republicans threatened to leave the country if Trump lost in 2016. Former Governor Rick Perry urged Texas to leave the United States a decade ago.

Threatening Republicans to leave the United States is exactly what Republicans are doing in the state. It never seems to cross their minds that Texas would not do well on its own, or that a Texas withdrawal would kill the Republican Party at the presidential level.

Allen West also believes that states don’t have to obey laws they dislike and that Republican-led states have the power to repeal federal laws.

The fact that Texas Republicans are looking to get out is a sign that things are getting much better for everyone else in the United States.

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