Tekashi 69’s mom’s daughter speaks out towards his current trolling, saying it impacts her kid’s security (video)

Tekashi 69’s recent trolling may have gone too far after speaking badly about several late Chicago rappers, including the late King Von.

There is concern that there is a target on Tekashi’s back to push the envelope when he recently went live to talk about King Von.

He was also against other rappers like Meek Mill, Lil Durk and Lil Reese.

Well, now his daughter’s mother, Sara Molina, is speaking to distance herself from Tekashi’s recent actions.

Sara went live on Instagram late Monday night to catch up on Tekashi 69’s recent behavior and explain how she and her daughter are being threatened because of his actions.

Sara explained how her little daughter is called ab *** h by social media trolls among several hateful messages and comments. She stressed that her daughter was innocent in this situation and that she had neither asked to be involved nor that her daughter see her father.

“Now my daughter is being placed in a situation that has nothing to do with her, and it is understandable that I am not saying in any way whether it is okay to call someone’s child by name unless her hand was as if forced Brother and I can’t do anything but understand. You feel me? “Said Sara.

She continued, “It’s disgusting what he does … and I don’t know why I’m being harassed online for doing it. I’ve made it very clear for the past 2 and 3 years – I don’t fuck with him. I don’t fuck with him as a person, as a father, anything. He’s not doing anything for my child. “

She also expressed her sympathy for the families of the deceased that Tekashi spoke about.

“My heart goes out to those whose families are being brought up and to dead family members and those things that I believe the dead shouldn’t be addressed either. Like it’s just gross … we use other people’s injuries and pain to hurt them. “

We hope for your child that everyone involved remains unharmed. We’ll keep you up to date.

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