Ted Cruz has a match and accuses Biden of intimidating Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson attacked women in the military. The military responded by disagreeing with Carlson. Ted Cruz claims Biden is trying to intimidate Carlson.

Here is Cruz’s letter claiming that President Biden is conducting a smear campaign against Fox News’ Tucker Carlson:

Under Biden, the military launches political attacks to intimidate Tucker Carlson and other civilians who criticize their political decisions.

Officials in uniform are used for the campaign.

I have requested a meeting with the USMC commander to put an end to this. pic.twitter.com/Ihl8xRJr0S

– Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) March 14, 2021

Carlson attacked President Biden for vowing women in the military and then took it to his usual level by claiming that pregnant women would wage all of our wars.

Tucker Carlson doesn’t believe women can serve in the military. Quite bold words from a frozen food heir who couldn’t bother to serve himself.


– VoteVets (@votevets) March 11, 2021

Military leaders replied:

It is me yesterday who is re-hiring one of the tens of thousands of women who serve in our army. Just a reminder that @TuckerCarlson couldn’t be more wrong. https://t.co/M1MHe5zHrf

– Patrick Donahoe (@PatDonahoeArmy) March 11, 2021

Mothers in uniform fight and win our nation’s wars. Fathers in uniform fight and win our nation’s wars. Soldat is not a gender noun.

America’s army is made up of innumerable mothers and fathers. Being a parent (and being pregnant) does NOT negatively affect our nation’s defense.

– John B. Richardson IV (@_JBR_IV_) March 11, 2021

Ted Cruz has turned into a conspiracy fueled by Joe Biden to intimidate a Fox News host. There is no evidence that Biden did anything other than praise women in the military.

Senator Cruz (R-TX) tries to spark a Biden scandal as he searches for a platform to launch his 2024 presidential campaign.

Republicans have nothing.

President Biden is about to tour the country reminding Americans that Republicans voted against the incentive.

Ted Cruz seeks a way to smear Biden by defending a sexist pig like Tucker Carlson.

This will not end well for Sen. Cruz.

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