Taylor Greene says when AOC is not debating her she’s scared and fairly silly

Since she was elected to Congress late last year, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been obsessed with getting noticed. However, the attention is almost exclusively negative.

However, some Republican voters love the way Greene carries himself. The Georgia Rep. Raked in cash and raised $ 3 million in the first quarter of 2021. And as long as it can, it will have some influence over the party.

Greene’s most recent appeal for attention is an attempt to debate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over the Green New Deal. Georgian lawmakers claim that AOC agreed to debate her once she read all 14 pages of the document.

I am glad I met you at AOC today to plan our debate on the Green New Deal.

After reading all 14 pages, as we agreed, I will allow time for our debate. # MTGvsAOC pic.twitter.com/viuH5Uj0oD

– Marjorie Taylor Greene (@mtgreenee) April 21, 2021

On Thursday, Greene posted a video with the words: “We’re going to discuss… she asked me if I had even read her 14-page Green New Deal. I said I read some of it. She said, “When you’ve read all of this, you can challenge me to a debate. The good news is that I have read all 14 small pages and am very ready to discuss them on the floor of the house. “

The Congresswoman continued: “So this is what we’re going to do – the date hasn’t been set, but when it’s set I’ll let you know. And she better shows up. “When she makes chickens, she shows exactly who she really is, a scared little girl who’s pretty stupid and doesn’t know anything about economics or economics.”

MP Marjorie Taylor Greene says @AOC “doesn’t have enough common sense to produce anything in the real world; she just has a government job.” It should be noted that Greene is saying this in her capacity as a person who has * exactly the same * “government job” as AOC. pic.twitter.com/3rdVDBhe97

– Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) April 22, 2021

Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t seem too interested in the feud. If she were to discuss Greene on just about any subject, however, the Georgia conspiracy theorist would be unlikely to be ahead of the curve.

Todd Neikirk is a New Jersey-based policy and technology writer. His work has been featured on psfk.com, foxsports.com and hillreporter.com. He likes sports, politics, comics, and spends time with his family on the waterfront.

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