Taste Flav gives to provide “The Melinda Of Love” relationship present following Invoice & Melinda Gates’ divorce announcement

The ink on Melinda Gates’ divorce papers isn’t even dry yet, Roomies, and based on the reactions to her divorce notice, it doesn’t seem like she’ll need much help finding a new boo.

In the event that Melinda is looking for love after signing the papers, Flavor Flav offers his expertise and wants to produce a dating show for her. While speaking with Too Fab, Flav offered to join Melinda now that she is back on the market.

“Hey yo! We should do a TV show about Melinda Gates, ‘The Melinda of Love’, ”Flav said. “Yes, I will produce it. I’ll be the one building Melinda up. Melinda! Contact your boy Flavor Flav and I’ll connect you man! “

Flav also had a few words about Melinda’s financial situation, as she is not looking for support from her wife and the two have no pre-nup. However, Bill gave Melinda the $ 2 billion I had in store the same day she filed for divorce.

“I know one thing: Melinda is not sad,” he said. “I doubt she’s sad, come on man – she’ll walk away with half. She can’t be sad. And when she’s sad, we take her to the hospital for a check-up. Walk away with a $ 130 bill? Come on man! It’s not a sad day in the neighborhood for me. “

No word on whether or not Melinda received Flavs messages, but we do know the guys are definitely lining up in their DMs. As soon as their divorce was announced, the guys made it clear on Twitter that they were ready to be booed!

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