Take a look at Tina Fey as Dolly Parton on Girls5eva this weekend on E!

Talk about an amazing camE! O!

This weekend E! Viewers can get a sneak peek at the hilarious peacock comedy series Girls5eva, the first four hilarious episodes of which will air this Sunday June 13th. In fact, episode four has a special guest star: the producer Tina Fey!

Girls5eva scene thief Sara Bareilles raved about working with her idol Fey ahead of the show’s premiere. “I played one of my heroes in this very absurd and playful way and tried to perform with all my heart,” the Broadway talent told E! News.

On the series, Fey gives the audience her best impression of Dolly Partonwho seems to be helping Bareilles’ character hone their songwriting skills in order to stage a comeback. Needless to say, Bareilles realizes that her Guardian Angel version of Parton isn’t real – but that doesn’t make Fey’s impression any less apt.

“She was very generous and it was just a lot of fun,” said Bareilles. “She played drumsticks on her breasts. I play one-on-one basketball with Tina Fey, dressed as Dolly Parton, high heels, in the middle of the night in Queens.”

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