Take a look at Joshua Bassett’s “Tacky” Unique Audition for HSMTMTS

He started to sing and sang, “I like your face. Your big brown eyes and your warm hug. And I have a question for you tonight. I hope you will think it through and not refuse. And on February 4th, maybe you belong.” you me when you say that you are going to the party with me tonight. “

The artist, who released his own songs outside of the TV show, ended the number by chanting, “I am aware that it is so short-term. I am aware that I am not the first to do this. .. I would like to know if you want to go formally with me. Ay! “

Of course, he blessed Erin with a 2021 version of the vintage track and joked, “Oh my gosh, I hate that song!” But Erin seemed to love it when she yelled, “Yes! I accept!” after he serenaded her.

Joshua revealed that his high school date also accepted his suggestion at the time: “She said yes, yes.”

Check out the video above and download Snapchat to hear The Rundown on Monday for its full interview.

In the meantime, you can find out more about HSMTMTS by watching the season one marathon on Disney Channel on Saturday, May 8th. Here’s a look at the upcoming second season, which premieres on Friday, May 14th on Disney +.

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