Supply Alleges That Bow Wow Barely Sees His Son Though They Dwell Close to Every Different (Replace)

It’s getting hot outside, and the tea is getting even hotter. On Wednesday, the mother of Bow Wow’s soon-to-be one-year-old son, Olivia, posted a series of messages to her Instagram story, seemingly alleging that Bow Wow was not supportive while she faced challenges during postpartum and a series of other claims.

Olivia wrote, in short, “N***as rather f**k with your head while u going through PP [postpartum] than [to] help u get back to yourself because they know your potential and it’s INTIMIDATING.”

While it was initially unclear why Olivia made those statements, a source connected to the situation told us exclusively that the messages were posted because Bow Wow allegedly “blocked” Olivia from contacting him. Our source also told us that while Olivia was dealing with postpartum challenges, Bow Wow told her that it wasn’t his job to speak to her about those issues.

After she made those claims, Bow Wow commented via Urban News and stated, “Not my f***ing problem. Go get you a man who cares. I barely know the girl. I don’t even have a photo with the girl. Let that hurt go.”

Our source connected to the situation told us that while Olivia was pregnant Bow Wow allegedly stated that although she didn’t meet him at the right time in his life, Olivia was his boo and that he was loyal. He allegedly also made it clear that she wouldn’t lose him.

As far as his relationship with his son, who turns one next month, the source alleges that Bow Wow barely sees him, though they live about fifteen minutes away from one another. The source also tells us that he also allegedly never spent more than a day with his son.

Surprisingly, this is a different tune to what Bow Wow has said about the mothers of his kids in the past.

During an interview, the rapper stated that Diddy taught him a lot about co-parenting. He stated, “My children’s moms, they can call me for anything and I’m going to get it done,” he said. “They can be out of town, if they’re out in Miami they need something…no matter what it is, if it’s 

function going on and they need to get in with their girls, I’m going to set it up. Section’s done. Bang. There it is. And we family.”

Bow Wow also wrote a song about his son D.W.M.O.D. (Dealing With My Own Demons).


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