Staff say Ron DeSantis mocks Trump as an fool

One of DeSantis’ greatest gifts is the ability to hide his earnest intellect behind the facade of a bumbling jerk. DeSantis is smart enough to know that when he seems to put his serious intelligence (Yale, Harvard Law) to work, he’s done as a MAGA. He wouldn’t be that “real”. This makes DeSantis particularly dangerous. He’s smart enough to know that Trump is a complete moron and isn’t afraid to speak up. He’s also smart enough to be all MAGA and all effective, unlike Trump.

From Vanity Fair:

With DeSantis and the former president already locked in a 2024 Cold War, the slugfest has unfolded on camera. According to a former DeSantis congressional staffer, DeSantis privately trashes Trump.

He calls him a TV personality and an idiot who has nothing to do with running for president.‘ said the former employee. DeSantis tells donors that if he takes on Trump, According to a GOP, he would launch a full frontal attack on his record and competence Source informed about the talks. “DeSantis says the only way to beat Trump is to attack him head-on.”

Trump, meanwhile, keeps making airs about DeSantis, according to people who speak to him. Trump’s animus is fueled by his belief that he brought DeSantis to the governor’s mansion.

Sounds just like the crime boss that is Trump. “I put you in office, you owe me loyalty.” Trump “helped” the DeSantis campaign. DeSantis also knows he’s strong enough on his own now not to come to Trump on bent knees. It doesn’t matter that Trump started DeSantis’ career. DeSantis earned the stature he has now.

One thing about DeSantis we should all be wary of. It is well known that DeSantis has virtually no friends and he treats his employees like slaves and with great disrespect. DeSantis functions politically as in life. He and his wife form a two-person team (he loves his wife), and both have the same will to power. So whenever something is delivered to a DeSantis employee, it’s best to be a little suspicious. It could be someone trying to get back at him. But that sounds all too real.

After all, it shouldn’t comfort anyone that DeSantis could take out Trump if the two went head-to-head. (Trump may not run, some think there’s less than 50-50 Trump running. In such a scenario, the nomination practically falls in DeSantis’ lap because DeSantis is as MAGA as Trump but with the intellect to lead the agenda Outside of a major bipartisan catastrophe, a CAT-5 hurricane or a major earthquake, the kind of disasters that DeSanti’s expertise would help, he’s as big a threat as Trump, if not a bigger one.

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