Soulja Boy reacts to Atari after the corporate denied he’s the brand new CEO

Soulja boy

Furious! It looks like Atari & Soulja Boy’s potential business partnership would end before it really began. Both parties do not appear to be on the same side when it comes to ownership, according to the rapper “Rick & Morty” claims. Yesterday, Soulja announced that he is the new CEO and owner, and plans to re-shape the video game company that grew in popularity in the 1970s. However, Atari rejected the change, confirming that Soulja is not the CEO.

Last night the company blew up the air, tweeted, “We know being the Atari CEO is a dream job, but that honor goes to Wade Rosen.” This seemed to have upset Soulja because he went live and called Atari. During the live, he shared an excerpt from a supposedly 30-page contract claiming the company asked for his help because he was the hottest rapper in the game.

Soulja jumped on the live and said he was about to expose the company. “Never try to go on the internet and gamble with me for nothing. Your company called me to talk about bringing your company back. ”As life went on, he also stated that he had never capped or lied in his life. While Soulja was very upset, she continued to shoot Atari, saying, “Nobody thinks about a damn Atari. I’ve never played Atari before. I play Sonic. I play sega. I play Nintendo. “

Before the live ended, Soulja made it clear that he didn’t want to interact with Atari and gave them a “f ** k ya’ll”. The Roommates explained it in the comments on Soulja’s reaction to the news. Tank even walked into The Shade Room and shared his dime on the situation, commenting, “You needed the controversy for us to even know it still existed. Well played.”

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