Soulja Boy claps again on Drake’s claims that with out Bow Wow there would not be any of his – “Drake is hilarious … Dude stole my complete bar”

Drake, Bow Wow and Soulja Boy

Roommates, if you’ve got the hang of it, Soulja Boy and Drake have had a persistent beef for a while – and thanks to Bow Wow, things have just gotten a bit better lately. After Drake recently publicly thanked Bow Wow by stating that he wouldn’t have a career without him, Soulja Boy officially entered the chat and didn’t have it … because he claims Drake got his career by stealing all of his style.

Earlier this week, many Bow Wow fans were pretty excited when Drake made it clear on social media that Bow Wow is not only a legend in hip-hop, but also made Drizzy’s incredibly successful career possible today.

Well, Soulja Boy was definitely not here for that, and on a large scale, called Drake out by accusing him of bitten his rap flow. He tweeted his disagreement and wrote, “That n *** a Drake is weird. Dude stole my whole bar and then thanked Bow Wow. “

Drake was recently in Houston with Bow Wow and his OVO crew when he openly showed his love for Bow Wow. “If it weren’t for you, it wouldn’t be me. That’s why I’ll rock with you forever, ”he said.

You will remember that the long-smoldering troubles between Soulja Boy and Drake go back to early 2019 when he claimed Drizzy stole his flow word for word on his first single. He also added to the drama when he infamous went on “The Breakfast Club” stating that he “taught Drake everything he knows”.

As of now, Drake has not publicly responded to Soulja Boy’s comments.

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