“Soul” and “Surprise Girl 1984” arrive for Christmas. This is how one can watch

Jamie Foxx addresses Joe Gardner in Disney Pixar’s “Soul”.


The entertainment industry has been rocked by the coronavirus pandemic.

Big blockbusters that were slated to hit theaters in 2020 were largely postponed to 2021, and those that weren’t used to replenish the big studios’ streaming services.

As Covid cases continue to rise, many cinemas across the country have closed again. As of last weekend, only about 34% of the 6,000 theaters in North America were open to the public.

This resulted in Disney placing its newest Pixar feature, “Soul”, on Disney + and AT&T to release “Wonder Woman 1984” in theaters and on HBO Max the same day. Both films will be made available to the public on Christmas Day.

How to see them:

How do I watch “Soul”?

There are three ways to subscribe to a Disney + subscription:

  • A monthly subscription that costs $ 6.99 per month but will increase to $ 7.99 next year.
  • An annual subscription for $ 70 per year.
  • Sign up for the Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN + packages for $ 13 per month.

The Disney + app can be downloaded on smart TVs, Xbox and PlayStation game consoles, on Apple and Android mobile devices, on Roku and through online browsers.

When is “Soul” arriving on Disney +?

Pixar’s “Soul” will be available on Disney + on December 25th at 3:00 AM EST.

Does “Soul” cost extra money?

Unlike “Mulan”, which hit Disney + in September for an additional $ 30, “Soul” is included with the subscription to the streaming service at no extra charge.

Gal Gadot plays Wonder Woman in “Wonder Woman 1984”.

Warner bros.

How do I watch Wonder Woman 1984?

There are two ways to view Warner Bros. ‘”Wonder Woman 1984.”

For those who make themselves comfortable to go to the theater, the film can be seen in most cinema locations on Christmas Day. Due to the pandemic, there are fewer publicly accessible cinemas, so moviegoers will have to check their local offers for available locations and show times.

During this time, cinemas also have fewer shows and fewer seats. Moviegoers will likely need to secure their tickets online as well, as many movie theaters don’t sell tickets in person and require seating to be reserved to ensure adequate social distancing.

Moviegoers can also rent private theaters to watch the movie with up to 20 friends and family members.

For those more comfortable at home, “Wonder Woman 1984” can be watched on HBO Max.

You can sign up for HBO Max on the streaming service’s website or through your cable subscription. The service costs $ 14.99 per month. However, the company offers a 20% discount for 6 months if you prepay for the service. This offer is valid until January 15, 2021.

The HBO Max app can be found in the Amazon App Store, the Apple App Store, Google Play, the Roku Channel Store and on Samsung TVs.

HBO Max can also be obtained through these TV services:

  • AT & T.
  • Cox
  • Hulu
  • optimum
  • Prime video channels
  • spectrum
  • Verizon Fios
  • Xfinity
  • YouTube TV

When is “Wonder Woman 1984” arriving on HBO Max?

The sequel to “Wonder Woman” will be released on HBO Max on December 25th at 12 noon ET.

Does “Wonder Woman 1984” cost extra money?

Wonder Woman 1984 is free with your HBO Max subscription but is only available for one month. For an additional fee, it will then be made available as a premium video on request.

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