Sommer Ray accuses Machine Gun Kelly of dishonest on her with Megan Fox

Fitness influence Summer Ray has a bone to pick Kelly machine gun.

During a performance on Logan PaulThe 24-year-old model claimed the musician was born Colson Baker, somehow “cheated” on her with his co-star Megan Fox.

“If you look at the timeline of our dating, we were in Puerto Rico together,” she said, adding that he was filming Switchblade Grass with actress Jennifer’s Body at the time. “I waited at the hotel the whole time he was filming with her and I don’t really think about it.”

She continued, “I thought she was older and wanted kids and married and all.”

Last May, a source told E! News: “Megan worked on a movie with Machine Gun Kelly and got close to it. They teamed up and have been around for a while.”

When they returned home from Puerto Rico, Sommer said she was convinced Colson and Megan were having an affair after he didn’t let her see the set of his music video, “Bloody Valentine.” She recalled, “I asked him why he didn’t invite me to the music video and he said COVID restrictions. And then the music video came out and I said, ‘Oh.'”

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