Social media reacts to Lil ‘Wayne signing up for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. thanks

In honor of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. recognized Lil ‘Wayne the Revolutionary and said he was grateful.

He went to Twitter and tweeted“Because he had a dream, I can live out my dreams. I am mindful forever. Forever grateful. Because he had a dream, I will never stop dreaming and dreams are forever. King. Forever.”

A couple of Twitter followers were a bit surprised because Wayne had testified in the past and most recently his photo op with Donald Trump before the 2020 elections.

One person wrote, “I thought you said there is no racism.” Another wrote, “Should have considered that before I endorse Trump.”

If you remember, Wayne stated in 2016 that he had never experienced racism there.

During an interview with UndisputedExplaining why “a lot of white kids love rap,” Skip Bayless, co-host, Wayne said there was no such thing as racism.

He said, “I don’t want to be beaten up … but I think it’s a message that there is clearly no racism,” Wayne said.

Wayne went on to say his “blessings” and experience as an entertainer allowed him to form an opinion on racial relations. “I’ve never dealt with racism,” Wayne said. “And I’m glad I never had to. I think it’s over. But obviously it isn’t. “

When asked if he had ever experienced anything “offensive” because of the color of his skin, Wayne replied, “No, sir.”


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