Smallville’s Tom Welling and spouse Jessica predict child # 2

The Welling family has some great news.

Hosted during the January 12th episode of the Inside of You podcast Michael Rosenbaum uncovered Tom Welling and Jessica Rose Lee Welling are expecting their second child.

Michael once congratulated Tom on “another child on the way”. At first Tom played shyly and asked, “What? I do?” But Michael later noticed he was hearing the news directly from Jessica, which resulted in Tom calling for his wife.

“You lying bastard,” Michael quipped at his former Smallville co-star. “But you do! Another one is coming!”

Details, including the child’s gender and due date, were not disclosed.

Tom and Jessica are already proud parents of the 2-year-old Thomson Wylde Welling, whom they greeted on January 5, 2019. While Tom tends to keep his personal life private, he shared a little about his firstborn and found the toddler to be “weird”.

“He’s a good, cute, fun kid,” said the Clark Kent star. “He makes me laugh all the time.”

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