Skai Jackson celebrates his 19th birthday with glittering glam images

Roommate, Skai Jackson is growing up on us! The former Disney star celebrated her 19th birthday on Thursday. Her Instagram followers had the opportunity to share her day with her on Instagram. Skai dropped five photos showing off a cornrows look and dazzling glamor.

The now 19-year-old gave us two looks. The first and last picture in the slider she posted shows a black and silver cover-up with a matching headscarf. Under the see-through dress, Skai rocked a solid black piece. The rest of the photos show her in a shimmering pink and blue dress called “Chainmail” designed by clothing brand Death By Dolls. The dress had a V-neckline and a chain, and spaghetti-like straps adorned with white jewels. Skai is adorned with a diamond, a chocker necklace and glittering silver nails. Skai credited the nails (with a label) to an artist named Tav. In her caption, Skai named Zadrian Smith as a stylist with a tag and the hashtag #StyledbyZadrianSmith.

The star of the show, besides Skai herself, was definitely her thin, straight cornrows that reached down her lower back. Their edges were laid down in cute movements and swirls until they stopped. The braids were complemented by yellow, brown, red, and green wooden beads with intricate linear and circular patterns. Skai tagged Kia Harper as a hairdresser in the photos.

Her natural makeup beat featured slightly shimmery eyeshadow, diamonds on her eyelids, and glossy brown lips. The beat was made by Los Angeles-based artist Alexandrè Jairus Valenzuela, according to Skai’s Tag. In the photos, Skai is posing near a white wall against a dark gray background in a pool and sitting fairly close to the pool.

Check out some of the photos below:

A little over a week ago, Skai was involved in a social media spit involving Jordyn and Jodie Woods. Jordyn went to her insatgram to address nameless bullies targeting her sister. A short time later, Skai posted her Instagram story and cleaned up the air.

“Jodie Woods and I have never had a problem,” Skai wrote. “We have spoken and we are confused about this false drama. And it’s very sick. Please leave us alone! Let’s go … make up stories and don’t turn anything into anything … give me a break! “

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