Simone Biles is leaving Nike for a brand new partnership with Athleta for her personal line of activewear

#Roommates, with the 2021 Tokyo Olympics still months away, five-time Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles is still making important moves. It was recently announced that Simone Biles has officially ended her six-year partnership with Nike for Athleta, an All Women-owned subsidiary of Gap.

Simone Biles is one of the most sought-after female athletes in the sports industry who is guaranteed to generate a lot of sales, which is why her youngest company is currently making headlines. @Popsugar notes that Simone left her days at Nike and decided instead to join the Athleta brand, which is all about woman power. Her new “long-term collaboration” with Athleta will include the release of several activewear capsule collections of sports bras, leggings and more, which Simone will contribute to the design.

Shared the news of their new partnership on social media, Simone noted that Athleta’s mission to empower and empower young women helped her make the decision:

“They show women and girls of all ages, sizes, abilities, races and backgrounds and design their products accordingly. . . . As I was taking the next step in my career, it was very important for me to team up with a partner who would support me, not just as a gymnast or athlete, but also for who I am and the change I create would like to. ”

In the meantime, Jana Henning, Athleta’s Chief Product Officer, expressed her excitement about welcoming Simone to the Athleta family. “Our team is looking forward to working with them [Simone] To bring the same elements of confidence, strength, and grace on and off the mat in future collections for girls. “

We can’t wait to see what #BlackGirlMagic Simone does with her new line of activewear!

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