showstopper! eight of Julia Fox’s Most Consideration-Grabbing Lewks

Julia Fox has made a name for herself as a model and actress, and she’s grown up to be quite the fashionista too! From paparazzi run-ins to Instagram uploads and fashion shows, she constantly shows mesmerizing outfits.

Here are just a few of Julia Fox’s attention-grabbing getups.

Life size ‘Body Bag’ purse

First up, we have Julia’s latest fashion antics: donning a life-sized bag that resembles a human body. She debuted the handbag at the end of New York Fashion Week.

The fall dress 2022

Back in November 2022, when the tide was changing in New York City, Julia Fox chronicled her journey to making an outfit herself after being “inspired.”

After collecting leaves and covering them in resin, she and her friend hot glued them together and fashioned them into necklaces in a “labor of love.”

However, she admitted the getup wasn’t “really wearable”.

Denim 2-for-1

In another DIY moment, Julia showed how she repurposed a pair of jeans to create a denim-down two-piece suit.

The chokehold vibe

In another look that some viewers found creepy, Julia donned a simple black dress that showed a hand cupping her neck.

woman pretty poodle

As Julia Fox towered over everyone else in her sky-high heels, a fluffy poodle on the front of her pink glittery dress was sure to catch the eye.

#JuliaFox always stands out when she wore a cartoon poodle on top of a pink sequined dress at #NYFW🤩💘

— Marie Claire (@marieclaireuk) February 16, 2023

lady in red

Another bold choice is the red ensemble she donned to the wrap party for The Trainer.

We should also note that the outfit featured in a weird photo of Julia posing with a fridge.

Your airy latex moment

In an outfit that Page Six described as “barely there,” Julia showed off her figure in a latex piece, accompanied by some groovy cutouts.

Julia Fox’s barely-there latex outfit is mostly cutouts

— Page Six (@PageSix) August 12, 2022

cling film energy

Last but not least, we have a diaphanous dress that was accompanied by a cellophane covered handbag, along with matching shoes.

Remarkably, Julia shared that her “cling-wrap” bag and shoes were last-minute decisions that were put together in a jiffy.

Julia Fox told the publication that she “made” the “cellophane saran wrapped” bag and shoes about an hour before showing up to the event

— Julia Fox Fan Updates (@juliafoxsource) September 11, 2022

What do you think of Julia Fox’s sense of style and excited to see what other looks she puts together?

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