Ship DNA kits house to folks to determine their kids’s our bodies

In Greg Abbott’s Republican Texas, public schools sent children home with a DNA kit so their parents could identify them after a mass shooting or other emergency.

“The state of Texas is sending public school students home with DNA kits to help their parents identify their children ‘in an emergency,'” Today reported.

“After the mass shooting in Uvalde, the kits make many parents even more afraid to send their children to school,” they reveal.

The kits are K-8 level and for the purpose: “When law enforcement needs help locating a missing or trafficked child or identifying victims of mass shootings,” reported Reform Austin.

Besides that:

“When you put it in the light of Uvalde, it’s one of the most macabre things imaginable,” said Bob Sanborn, president of the nonprofit Children at Risk.

Parents of the children killed at Robb Elementary had to provide DNA samples to identify their killed children due to physical injuries caused by the AR rifle used in the massacre.

A student from Uvalde was just arrested Monday night after threatening to shoot, just over four months after the May 24 massacre that killed 19 students and 2 teachers.

The reactions were not positive.

We should just start issuing dog tags to all of our students so we can identify their bodies if they get killed in battle, I mean at recess.

— Julia A Pulver, MSN, RN, CCM (@VotePulver) October 18, 2022

It’s like sending kids to D-Day.

— PMG (@pmginmyhead) October 18, 2022

Instead of trying to keep guns out of minors and supporting common sense background checks, Republicans actually responded to the mass shootings in El Paso and Odessa that claimed 30 lives by relaxing gun restrictions. :

Faced with mass shootings, Texas Republicans have repeatedly relaxed gun laws

Gov. Greg Abbott and other Republican leaders signaled openness to some gun restrictions following the recent mass shootings. But in recent years lawmakers have relaxed gun laws, most notably by passing a permitless-carry law last year.

… So that’s how we got to this place where DNA kits are sent to parents so they can identify their children.

The Republicans boil down to being the parents’ party. Of course, one of their platforms ensures that children are not safe at school because they fetishize guns to the extent any political terrorist group could. Because guns mean power to Republicans.

Not in a democracy, of course, but they want to change that. When you abolish democracy and the law no longer works, the guns win. So the slaughter of children is just a more acceptable form of collateral damage in the relentless Republican takeover of power.

Republicans are on board with gun manufacturers who have more rights than children and, of course, more rights than women or girls.

The dehumanization of children should be a wake-up call for our country.

This is another test of how much people will allow Republicans to get away with as they continue their autocratization of our formerly free country.

It’s high time to ask yourself: Who is doing this? And if they do that to children, what else could they do? What else would be acceptable for this party since they have tried to murder children, make it EASIER and their base is OK with it?

Finally, where is the “pro-life” agenda we hear so much about?

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