Sheryl Underwood speaks with Sharon after her alternate

Sheryl Underwood, roommate, comedian and co-host of ‘The Talk’ broke her silence and spoke earlier this week about her tense conversation with Sharon Osbourne. On the show, the women discussed Piers Morgan’s recent actions and Sharon spoke out in his defense after recently making comments on Meghan Markle. Sheryl addressed the situation on Friday on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Steve asked her how she was reacting to the situation. She said, “I think it’s about discipline, restraint and being a better you.” Sheryl went on to explain that people with color go through this every day, but it is not captured on camera. As the conversation continued, Sheryl said that she had received support from many people.

“I got calls from all over the world from people asking myself, ‘How did you find me? How do you know me from? ‘ I got prayers, I got love “She added,” And I want people to know that. I believe that God told me, ‘I have a plan for you. I am about to pour a blessing on you. I just need to know, are you ready because you will face this again? ‘I just wanted to be a better example to people who just got a normal old job and had to sit down. “

Many were surprised by Sharon’s actions, even Sheryl. She also told Steve that she didn’t think their conversation got this heated. “I thought we’d have a conversation like we normally do. But then I felt like waiting a minute, that’s not what it usually is, “she explained. Black women are usually considered angry when they utter so many roommates that they recommended Sheryl take to the streets and keep her cool. One commented: “She’s right because if Sheryl had done what needed to be done, she would have been the “angry black woman”. She stayed calm and collected herself and let Sharon destroy herself. “

It was announced on Friday that CBS released an official statement following the incident. The declaration states: “We are committed to a diverse, integrative and respectful workplace. All matters relating to the Wednesday episode of ‘The Talk’ are currently being reviewed internally. “

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