Sha’Carri Richardson speaks out in favor of an Olympic exclusion

Sha’Carri Richardson remains a topic of discussion following news that she will be banned from attending the upcoming Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for marijuana. While people have continued to show their support on social media, many have expressed disdain for the news, and some have even gone so far as to call for a boycott of the Olympics. Sha’Carri shared her perspective on the decision when she stood outside an airport on Wednesday afternoon and did an impromptu interview with TMZ.

The 21-year-old native Dallaser, who wore a hoodie and mask, was surprised to be recognized and asked the reporter how he knew it was her. The reporter confirmed that the shoes she was wearing with her name on them were the dead giveaway. Then he went straight to the question that was on everyone’s mind and asked, “How are you feeling about everything?” Sha’Carri responded humbly and said, “I’m fine. I understand the situation that is going on. So I accept that and I just know what to do in my career. “

The track star admitted that the news wasn’t too surprising and that, along with her team, she was realistic about the possible outcome, and everyone thought the Olympics would make that decision.

Fans continue to hold on to Sha’Carri and believe the media should pull back from asking her the same questions for the sake of her mental health. One roommate commented, “Why do you keep asking her the same question? She’s already talked about it. Leave this girl alone. ”Another commented,“ Keep an eye on her though, we should all leave her alone for her own sanity. She is good. She’s feeling better. 2025 we are coming !! “

Roommate, do you think Sha’Carri should keep talking about the situation?

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