Senate Republicans are finishing up acts of political terrorism and voting to explode the US financial system

In an act of political terrorism, Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans unanimously voted to blow up the US economy.

Republicans in the Senate vote for the destruction of America

As Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) put it:

Every single McConnell Republican has just voted to blow up the entire economy and cause a depression for no reason other than because the president is a Democrat.

– Bill Pascrell, Jr. (@BillPascrell) September 27, 2021

Of course, the mainstream media is selling the Republican voice to destroy the economy:

How are the Republicans doing to plunge the country into economic chaos?

– Ammar Moussa (@ammarmufasa) September 27, 2021

As usual, the corporate media likes to play the role of the stenographer and does not cover the consequences of what the Republicans decided in the Senate.

If there is a default, the economy will plunge back into recession and 4.5 million Americans will lose their jobs, which is an incredible act of deliberate cruelty considering that millions of Americans have already lost their jobs because of the last Republican president deliberately neglected panemia.

The Republicans in the Senate practice political terrorism.

The Republicans in the Senate have not made any demands. They do not want to negotiate over the debt ceiling. You have not listed any priorities. The goal of Republicans is to harm the US economy and cause pain to the American people for political gain.

The Democrats will not give in to the terrorists. Osama Bin McConnell will wear the bankruptcy around his own neck and the neck of the Senate Republicans when they go into the 2022 election.

Republicans voted to deliberately harm their own voters. They voted to close businesses and lose jobs. They voted for displacement, poverty, homelessness and despair.

America cannot let the Senate GOP terrorists win.

Mr. Easley is the managing editor. He is also the White House press pool and congressional correspondent for PoliticusUSA. Jason has a bachelor’s degree in political science. His thesis focused on public policy with a specialization in social reform movements.

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