Senate prepared for ultimate vote on bipartisan infrastructure package deal

The Senate finally decides on the $ 1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package tomorrow after clearing the final procedural hurdle.

“The two-pronged process is progressing,” said majority leader Chuck Schumer. “It took a while, but it will be worth it as we will hopefully get both bills off very, very soon.”

The legislation known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act “,invests US $ 110 billion in financing roads, bridges and major projects, US $ 66 billion in passenger and freight transport, US $ 65 billion in rebuilding the power grid, US $ 65 billion in expanding broadband Internet access and 39 billion US dollars for the modernization and expansion of transport systems ”, according to a CNN report and even includes“ 55 billion US dollars for water infrastructure, of which 15 billion US dollars are used to replace lead pipes ” .

The Senate is expected to pass the bill.

Once that vote is completed, Schumer has indicated that the Democrats will work on it next the details of the $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation law.

“The budget resolution provides the committees with a target date of September 15 to submit their reconciliation legislation. We will work towards this goal and during the week of Nov. Democrats that Tomorrow, add: “Please remember that the resolution only contains ‘top-line’ reconciliation instructions to the committees and that any senator will have the opportunity to shape and influence the final law of reconciliation after the budgetary resolution is passed.”

Schumer to the Senate Democrats on the budget resolution for US $ 3.5k: “The resolution only contains ‘top-line’ reconciliation instructions to the cmtes, and that every senator will have the opportunity to draft the final reconciliation law after the budget resolution has been passed and influence.

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